Trio Designs is the amalgamation of my three entities. Quite simply, “Me, Myself and I.”

I have lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba for my entire life, with excursions to Kenora up and until my grandparents sold their resort. I liked it there, being a bit of recluse and enjoying the space to let my mind wander at will.

Drawing, creating, doodling has always been a part of who I am. Imitating the daily cartoons or whatever I could find got me started. I later found out my dad loved drawing and much to my enjoyment I finally discovered where I might have gotten some of my raw talent from. He used to say “Never let a day pass, if you learn something new, no matter how small, each day, then it is not a wasted day.” He also said, “People can take away all your material possession, your car, home etc, but they cannot take away your education, dreams and inherent talents. Don’t waste the opportunties to learn, explore and dream.” Sad, that I waited so long to heed his advise. He’s now gone however I’m now on my adventures thanks to him and mom.

I started off in my adult professional in Accounting at MTS and didn’t look back until 2003. I took a break to shake out the cobwebs and try something new. So I learned a little history, Canadian that is…

That ended in December 2011, so I went back to school at Red River College determined to really find what I wanted to be when I finally grew up.  In part, I want to be a Graphic Designer, creater, explorer. Surging through the first 8 courses in 5 months, I’m still working through the remainder of the 4 courses for the first Certification. Can’t believe how zealous about art  I am and where it may lead me.