Vector Conversion

Vector images have a number of advantages, the primary of which is that it can be scaled up or down to meet medium requirements. If you have a photo which you need converted to a close vector equivalent, I can produce a high quality rendering while making the conversion process simple and easy for you.

Posters and Placards

I have done a variety of posters and placards for contests, clients, showcases and fundraisers. Posters can be tailored to your unique requests and have as much or little detail as required.


Vector art allows for easy transitions between business cards, brochures and other paper medium and all the way to websites. I can work with you to get the logo that meets your business requirements while also giving you the flexibility to take the logo where you need to go.

Labels and Packaging

If you need a custom label or package design, I can construct an easy to use custom pattern which you can use on or for your product.

Brochures and Forms

Sometimes you need a form of varying complexity to complete a function in your business, but making sure it works as intended does not always happen. This is where I come in to help; regardless of the size or complexity I can assist you with the entire process from layout to design.

Images for Charity

I have a passion for the humane society and the work they do for the animals in their care or those about to be in their care. In my effort to help raise much needed funds, I have started drawing images of all the rescued and adopted animals that have been in our families. I am open to produce and donate images to the charities that do the work of caring for the most helpless of our society, our animals. I would consider any reasonable request for a drawing for a charity, depending on time and subject.


We can supply framing, matting, mounting for any image, depending on the choice of frames. Custom framing charges depend on the size of the image requested.