Angel – For Charity

This is the first of many images drawn of family owned pets, who have passed on. I wanted to give a gift to my mother-in-law. She had just had the unfortunate experience of her pet passing, and I wanted to give her a remembrance. In the same token, this started a series of images of all family pets that were rescued, adopted or found and given a quality home and family. This then enabled me to gift these individual images to the Winnipeg Humane Society for their Bow Wow Ball so they would have items for the auction prizes. These are done without compensation or expectation of receipt as our family believes strongly in supporting rescuing, adoption and homing of stray or abandoned animals. This and 11 other animals were combined in larger poster images for Mother’s Day, Father’s day and a Birthday as initial gifts.

This is from a family member: “Angel was one of the most beautiful, sweetest dogs ever.  As a young dog she was abandoned in a bus station, sent to the Winnipeg Humane Society and so I then had the privilege of being her second  owner.  She was a gorgeous blond champagne color.  Angel was a big dog and she too had issues with fear and was afraid of her own shadow.  However with lots of love and attention, positive reinforcement she became a truly great girl.  She loved to ride on the doghouse of our motor home.  She was born to travel and knew when I was packing to go camping.  She just loved to be on the go.  We had her for 10 years.”

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